On a technical level, the motif fleeces are closely related to the color fleeces as here too the works are created from material color alone and do not require an image-carrying structure. Thomas Emde uses “commonplace” motifs for the pictorial template: clouds, waves, waterfalls and so forth. Print-ready templates of the motifs are converted into glass matrixes, which are used to determine the exact thickness and position of the knobs of color. In a manner similar to intaglio printing the color is distributed across the matrix, the matrix of color dots creating the painting ground. The individual knobs are supplemented with further layers of different color until the harmonious, almost oscillating pictorial motif is created. In 1997 Thomas Emde used this technique to create the monumental art piece Cloud Fleece, the largest transportable painting in the history of art, for the Commerzbank.

Motif Fleeces