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EMDE development of light

As experts we are convinced of the OLED technology.
We develop the future of light.

Our Activities

We see the future of light in OLED technology and research innovative application solutions as well as future-proof products in a variety of projects together with renowned institutes and industry.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to realize sustainable and future-proof lighting solutions that counteract the progressive exploitation of our planet's valuable resources. In OLED technology, we see the potential to rethink our approach to light and to question existing standards.

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Thomas Emde

For me and my team, OLED lighting plays a major role in dealing with sustainable and future-proof lighting solutions. We want to connect what serves the people: creativity, technical knowledge, sense of style and philanthropy.

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Thomas EmdeThomas Emde

We are founding member of the OLED Licht Forum - The OLED network of experts.

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