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We develop lighting solutions that are focused on human needs and contribute to a sustainable use of the resources of our planet.

OMLED OLED suspension lamp

OMLED One is the first OLED luminaire series worldwide. It exemplifies the way we work and is the result of a strong combination of design, technology, engineering and ingenuity.

OMLED OLED lamp above kitchen table

The minimalist design lamps combine electronics and glass to create something new. The case of the light takes over the function of the circuit board for the electronic control of the individual OLED modules and also operates as a control element. With this technical solution, we were able to reduce the number of required components to a minimum, thus creating an elegant solution that does not only comply with the innovative OLED Light technology, but also with the requirements of the market.

OMLED OLED Standing lampOMLED OLED Suspension lamp above tableOMLED OLED standing lamp which points towards the wallOMLED OLED standing lamp between two sofasOMLED OLED desk lampOMLED OLED circuit boardOMLED OLED lamp touchdimmerOMLED OLED standing lamp in bedroomtwo OMLED OLED suspension lamps

The OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) of our luminaire series are efficient, extremely flat light panels, which do not require reflectors, cooling and diffusers. They consist of 1mm thin glass on which wafer-thin layers of organic, semi-conducting materials are vapor-deposited. Their soft, glare-free and pleasant light is particularly suitable for applications that are close to people.

OLED Tile in hand
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