EMDE development of light was founded in 2015 by Thomas Emde and stands for the research, development and marketing of innovative lighting solutions. In implementing technical solutions, the interdisciplinary team of artists, designers and engineers pursues a common belief in good light.

EMDE company building with frankfurt skyline

We want to use the technologies available today to optimize light.

It is our passion to contemplate the topic of light, in the area of conflict between research and the finished serial product, between art and application. As a small team, we have always dedicated ourselves to the big tasks, because we believe in finding the right solutions with the right questions, strong partners and growing synergies. In our work, the human necessity for good and healthy light and the sustainable use of the resources of our planet are at the focus.

Thomas Emde

Thomas Emde

Founder and Managing Director, Artist and Visionary

Thomas Emde has been active with his companies in the areas of lighting technology and lighting design for more than 20 years and has extensive experience in lighting development and lighting project realization.

In 2015 he founded the company EMDE development of light GmbH, which is focused on the research, development, production and distribution of "organic light". In this context, Thomas Emde and his team contribute extensive expertise in dealing with light.

The further development of existing basic technologies for use in sustainable lighting solutions with "organic light" today provides the basis for the work of Thomas Emde. Embedded in a partner network of renowned research institutes and well-known companies, he develops innovative and healthy lighting solutions for people and the environment with the aim of creating the right light for our planet.

Christoph Petersen

Christoph Petersen

Product Management, Development and Design

Christoph Petersen, a graduate industrial designer with extensive professional experience, combines the requirements of design and functionality.

During his professional career he worked in different companies of Thomas Emde and is as a longtime and experienced employee an important part of the creative team of EMDE development of light. In product development Christoph Petersen is responsible for the entire processes in the field of product strategy, development, design and the development of brand concepts. In addition, he is in charge of all current projects, supervises certifications and is responsible for prototype construction and the development of demonstrators.

As in Thomas Emde's case, Christoph Petersen's demands on light and lighting are not only in terms of aesthetics and function, but also in creating healthy and sustainable solutions.

David Mertl

David Mertl

Product Development and Design

As a graduate industrial designer, David Mertl has been part of the creative core of EMDE development of light GmbH for many years.

Together with Thomas Emde and Christoph Petersen he develops and designs products. He is the creative mind responsible for the conception of product innovations and their visualization. Due to his extensive knowledge of photography and his distinct talent for layout, graphics and presentation, he complements the design team.

With fresh ideas, a well-trained eye and a sense for innovation, he plays an important role in the creation of new product ideas and innovations.

Thomas Reichel

Thomas Reichel

Head of Finance and Controlling

Thomas Reichel is a business economist (M.A.) and controller with profound professional experience in controlling, most recently in an internationally operating company for organic solar films. He is a real expert in the entire commercial and financial management.

Comprehensive experience in creating and guaranteeing commercial processes as well as reporting and statements to internal and external addressees are as much a part of his competence profile as the entire calculation and budgeting of commercial processes and financial models.

Heiner Müller

Heiner Müller

Advisory Council (Sales Department)

As a graduate in business economist, business mediator and business coach, Heiner Müller advises and supports Thomas Emde and his team in all questions concerning the development of a national and international distribution system.

Due to more than 30 years of experience as a top manager and executive in the branded goods industry (including managing director of the Fürstenberg Brewery and managing director of the Paulaner Brewery Group), Heiner Müller can refer to extensive knowledge of sales and marketing.

In addition, he possesses profound knowledge to cope with the demanding challenges and constant changes in today's business landscape. Excellent training as a certified business coach and business mediator completes his entrepreneurial profile.

Christoph Michl

Christoph Michl

Advisory Council (Finance Department)

As a graduate engineer and licentiate in economics, Christoph Michl advises Thomas Emde and his team on all questions in the area of finance.

Due to his many years of experience in high-ranking positions in the area of finance and controlling at well-known companies (among others as head of controlling, CFO and senior advisor), Christoph Michl has extensive experience in the entire commercial sector. In addition, Christoph Michl has been responsible for various acquisitions and sales of companies and has a wide range of expertise in this area as well as in joint ventures.

His experience on supervisory boards and in the international operating area of various cultures complements his extensive knowledge portfolio.

After more than 25 years of experience in a wide range of applications, from innovative light art to major international projects. From inventions for new lighting solutions to the world's first OLED luminaire series, Thomas Emde and his team at EMDE development of light are today developing the new light. As a visionary mastermind and creative inventor, Thomas Emde is part of an excellent cooperation and partner network from research and industry, so market-ready solutions can arise from visions.

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